Sangfor WAN Optimization

The Best Acceleration Solution for Your Wide Area Network
WANO - WAN Optimization & Acceleration Solution

Sangfor Next Generation SD-WAN Solution

SD-WAN simplifies the management and operation of a WAN by decoupling the networking hardware from its control mechanism, an invaluable tool for branch network access of multi-branch enterprises and multi-level organizations.

Sangfor NGAF

Sangfor NGAF is the world's first AI enabled and fully integrated NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) + WAF (Web Application Firewall) with an all-around protection from all threats powered by innovations

Sangfor IAM

Internet Access Management IAM – Secure Web Gateway & Web Filtering SolutionYour Internet Access Control Solution With 4.2 billion active internet users globally, the Internet has become our lifeline for all things finance, health, education, government, social and business. Businesses can no longer operate without the Internet and increasingly encourage the use of BYOD and…