The Best Acceleration Solution for Your Wide Area Network
WANO – WAN Optimization & Acceleration Solution

Sangfor WANO (WAN Optimization), deployed in the WAN gateway of data centres and branch offices, enables Application Acceleration, reduces traffic, compresses stream, streams cache and accelerates protocol among other leading technologies. Sangfor WANO cuts up to 70% of redundant traffic, reduces packet loss rate to below 1%, saves 50% of link costs and improves application speed by 3-10 times, achieving WAN Optimization, significant Application Acceleration & WAN speed.

Transform your IT network and pick a solution that will boost productivity by choosing Sangfor’s WAN Optimization solution.

Virtual WAN Optimization Solution: Try Our Free Trial !

Sangfor’s WAN Optimization solution, including hardware and virtual software products, supports and accelerates Internet connectivity, internal WANs, public and private clouds and hybrid networks.

Sangfor’s virtual WAN Optimization software offers a full suite of WAN Acceleration features including bandwidth management, data reduction, network optimization and traffic prioritization. Unlock the potential of a virtualized environment by reducing cost and extending the flexible benefits of virtualization.

Because Sangfor’s virtual WAN Optimization software runs on all major hypervisors (VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, and KVM), it is quickly and easily deployed within virtual infrastructures. In addition, the Global Management System (GMS) option, most effective when two or more Sangfor products are deployed, is also available to enable central configuration, monitoring and management of the Sangfor- WAN Optimizer.

Data Optimization: Reduce Traffic by 70%

– Dynamic Compression: Compression of data before transmission allows Sangfor WANO to reduce the amount of data transmitted.

– Byte Cache: With cache technology based on Stream features, Sangfor WANO slashes bandwidth consumption and reduces the cost of bandwidth upgrade.

Application Acceleration: Efficiency Improved 3-100 Times

By optimizing application interaction mechanisms with application layer protocol proxy technology, WANO accelerates dozens of mainstream OA/ERP and other business systems and accelerates speed of branch access to key business applications.

Accelerated VPN: Reduces your cost by 50%

Integrated with IPSec VPN technology, Sangfor WANO supports a variety of encryption algorithms and makes the speed of VPN network comparable to leased line with lower costs.

Video Conferencing Optimization: Packet Loss Reduced to 0%

Through cache and proxy of UDP data, Sangfor WANO senses packet loss on links and automatically re-transmits data to eliminate mosaics and make video conferencing smoother.