Cost-Effective Integrated Data Protection Features for Mission Critical Applications

Requirement Analysis

Requirement Analysis

“Hardware-Defined” has been constantly challenged by new IT issues and needs.

Sangfor HCI: Best Practice of Software-Defined Data Center

Sangfor HCI boasts incredibly simplified operation with high-quality infrastructure designed to support your business. This system can be deployed within just minutes, whereby minimal manual operation is required. 
Through one single server, you can achieve a high-performance 10Gbps virtual network throughput and steadfast stability with outstanding NFV functions. Also revel in reduced TCO and pay as you grow, as our solution supplies the very support your enterprise needs to attain a business focus. 

Driving Hyper Converged to Fully Converged

aSV (Compute Virtualization) | aNET (Network Virtualization) | aSAN (Storage Virtualization) | NFV (Network Function Virtualization)
Sangfor HCI consolidates traditional hardware-appliance based security, IP network, storage network, server and storage into one tier of commodity hardware (x86 server), which forms a standardized HCI unit. 
By building IT infrastructure with a standardized HCI vendor and realizing visible, centralized operation and management via a unified WEB platform, users can enjoy an ultra-simplified, on-demand IT framework that is evolvable. 

A Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Vendor

Trouble consolidating your data center? In need of a highly expedient cloud computing platform? Need maximum protection for your data? Looking to run your enterprise applications with high-performance? 
Our specially designed Sangfor HCI is a renowned solution to a variety of scenarios. These scenarios majorly include data center consolidation, cloud transformation, running enterprise applications with superb performance and reliability, data protection and integrity and much more. 

Poduct Advantages

Ultra Simplified Operation

  • 1 integrated software stack.
  • Deploy infrastructure to support business in minutes.
  • “What You Draw is What You Get” topology.
  • Very limited manual operation is needed.

Reduced TCO & Pay as You Grow

  • Minimum 70% reduction in overall CapEx & Opex.
  • Up to 90% reduction in power, cooling & space.
  • Start with 1 commodity server & scale linearly according to your need without limits.
  • Shift your focus to business. IT could be a revenue generating department instead of a cost center.

High Performance

  • One single server to achieve 10Gbps virtual network throughput, read 60,000+ IOPS, write 17,000+ IOPS and storage capacity 20TB.
  • High stability and reliability ensured by vAD business clustering, HA (High Availability), distributed management platform, distrubuted virtual networking device, multi-coopies, back-up plans and ets.

Best NFV Functions

  • More flexible and scalable network & service provisioning.
  • Virtualized network functions can be easily moved to various locations in the network without having to install new equipment.
  • 3D protection inside-out: Kernal built-in WAF to protect aSV from web threats; distributed firewall to protect east-west traffic and vNGAF to safeguard south-north traffic.

Brand Recognition

Listed in the Gartner MQ x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure

Leading Vendor in Asia

Already More than 200,000 VMs Running on HCI