AI Accelerator PCIe Card

Full height, half length, PCIe Gen3 AI accelerator card based on Google® Coral Edge TPU processor, enabling AI-based real-time decision process at edge

  • Support up to 8~16 x Google® Coral Edge TPU M.2 modules
  • Support TensorFlow Lite machine learning framework
  • Compatible with PCI Express 3.0 x16 expansion slot
  • Optimized thermal design with twin tuborfans

ASUS AI accelerator card is a full height, half length, PCIe Gen3 AI acceleration card based on Google Coral Edge TPU processor. It allows users to build intelligent AI inference devices base on existing devices with PCIe Gen3 slot.For more information and support, please visit Google Coral website

Performs high-speed ML inferencing

Each Edge TPU coprocessor is capable of performing 4 trillion operations per second (4 TOPS), using 2 watts of power. For example, it can execute state-of-the-art mobile vision models such as MobileNet v2 at almost 400 FPS, in a power efficient manner.

With the 8 to 16 Edge TPUs in this PCIe card, you can multiply the inferences per second (32 TOPS to 64 TOPS) in several ways, such as by running several models in parallel or pipelining one model across all Edge TPUs.